syndena offers an innovative solution for structuring this data and providing real-world evidence. The technology is seamlessly integrated into the hospital’s IT systems with no disruptions. The automated structuring process streamlines the workload – simply upload the clinical notes and our technology does the rest. This procedure is strictly GDPR-compliant and is implemented without adding any financial strain to the healthcare system. Additionally, we grant partners in life science and research access to structured, fully anonymised data, offering invaluable insights for research and patient care.

Healthcare Providers

Eliminate the need to manually enter patient data and automate the generation of real-world healthcare data for effortless real-world evidence and analysis. Ensure high-quality data and leverage collaborative multicentre data analysis for enhanced insights.


Life Science

Gain unrestricted access to anonymised real-world evidence in a multicentre setting. Experience high-quality data and seamless interoperability of existing data sources and technical systems.


Your Benefits with syndena insights

efficient data analysis
collaborative use of data
high-quality data

syndena – for Data-Driven Decisions in the Healthcare Domain

We firmly believe that data-driven decisions based on real-world evidence drive progress in patient outcomes and scientific research. We are committed to turning this belief into reality. Explore how syndena offers more than just a solution for structuring data.

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syndena unlocks the power of EHR and generates RWD for health care provider and life science companies

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