Founded in 2008, Oncotyrol laid the foundation for personalised cancer medicine, including a small data acquisition unit.

Building Data Expertise

syndena’s CEO, Roman Weger, joined Oncotyrol in 2013. Over the years, he led extensive data capture initiatives and played a critical role in the development of the data-driven healthcare ecosystem.

Founding syndena

syndena was founded in 2021 via a management transition with Oncotyrol. This marked the beginning of the system’s development into the OMOP Common Data Model.

Expansion with Mario Mitter as Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

In 2022, syndena continued to grow, with Mario Mitter taking on the role of CTO. Since then he has been driving the expansion of syndena insights and the NLP-powered automation of medical information extraction.

Our Mission

syndena offers a comprehensive solution that presents structured real-world medical data using a consistent and GDPR-compliant data model. This ensures high-quality data that can be analysed efficiently and used collaboratively – both in cooperation with other medical institutions and in international research projects. This maximises the potential of real-world evidence in medicine and advances research into effective treatments and therapies.

Roman Weger, CEO and Co-Founder

Roman brings a wealth of experience in healthcare data management. As syndena’s co-founder and CEO, he plays a pivotal role in steering the company towards success. Throughout his career, Roman has held various key positions, including Executive Manager at Oncotyrol, where he was instrumental in establishing data management protocols for personalised cancer care. His role as Head of Strategic Business Development at Oncotyrol also enabled him to develop a broad knowledge of strategy and business development.

Mario Mitter, CTO and Co-Founder

Mario, syndena’s CTO and co-founder, has an academic background in Theoretical Physics, Mathematics and Scientific Computing. Mario has built up extensive expertise through key roles such as Data Science Team Leader and Senior Data Scientist. As part of his ongoing professional development, Mario has gained certifications in Machine Learning Engineering for Production (MLOps).

The syndena Team

syndena has a fantastic team of highly skilled professionals who share a passion for data-driven innovation and excellence. There’s our CEO, who shapes our vision and strategy, and our CTO, who brings a wealth of expertise in health research. The bright minds behind our business also include NLP researchers, who excel in natural language processing, and technical experts, who work with the latest technologies. They all work together to drive the development of high-value, data-driven insights and always strive to provide innovative solutions for healthcare, research and life science.


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